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It was a long day at the office and there was still much to be done so I decided to take my work home with me.  I had forgotten that Carly had plans with friends that night so I made a comfortable spot on the couch for myself, plugged in all my devices, and pulled up my Netflix cue.  As I opened my computer my trusty calendar reminded me that I was 10 minutes late for a phone consultation with Elaine.  At the time Fourth Films with a dream in my head that no one knew about and Carly and I spent all of our time and energy on Primary Petals – our newest business adventure.  I quickly reviewed Elaine’s emails and gave her a call to talk through what kind of flowers she was interested in for her wedding day.  As I was frantically pulling up her files I asked her to share her story with me about how she met Andrew.

“We met online,” she replied, “but not the way you think.  Andrew writes a blog that I followed for years and one day I decided to write him.  Years later we are getting married.”

Elaine and I spent the next two hours talking about their story.  It was as if she was an old friend I hadn’t seen in years and we were catching up on life’s adventures.  We proceeded to talk through flowers for her wedding day.  As the conversation came to an end I took a risk.  I shared with her about this dream I had.  A dream about making wedding films that had more to do with the couples story and less to do with the wedding itself.  Their story was so unique and captivating that I couldn’t help but want to document it.  At first they were a bit hesitant but in the end they agreed to let me explore this crazy idea that was living in my head.

On the 4th of July Andrew flew in from Indiana and we spent the entire day running around parts of Southern California to document how these two fell in love.  A few months later they got married at the beautiful Descanso Gardens with their closest family and friends in attendance.  This is their story, one that I am proud to have had the opportunity to tell.  Best of wishes to my new found friends Lainey and Drew!